carpet cleaning in North Lakes

Your health is our priority

Having clean floors is not only essential to making your home or office look good, but it is also important for health and hygiene.

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childcare centre carpet cleaning

We specialise in Childcare Centre cleaning

  • Carpet
  • Hard floor cleaning and resealing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • For sanitisation purposes (particularly in winter)
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North Lakes Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Our services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and stain removal

Pest Control North Lakes

Pest control

Upholstery cleaning

Pet Stain removal

Pet stain and odour treatment

Why choose us

As dirt and grime builds up in your carpets it can reduce the longevity of your carpets and lead to matting in high traffic areas that gives you the wear tracks you can see in some carpets.